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NY Times: A Top-Heavy Focus on Income Inequality

I’m not of the opinion that economic well being is a zero-sum game.  By this, I mean that I do not believe that those working today as part of the labor force are in effect depriving another of doing the same – i.e. those out of the labor force.  Surprisingly, educated people often perceive it to be this way.  I choose to consider ways in which can uplift those referred to as the bottom 20%.  I like Sendhil Mullainathan’s perspective in his NY Times piece “A Top-Heavy Focus on Income Inequality“:

I worry about growing income inequality. But I worry even more that the discussion is too narrowly focused. I worry that our outrage at the top 1 percent is distracting us from the problem that we should really care about: how to create opportunities and ensure a reasonable standard of living for the bottom 20 percent.

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