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Financial Nudity: Looking at Others’ Bare Budgets and Net Worth

Calvin from Consumerism Commentary’s series Naked With Cash is recently divorced earning $120,000/yr as an IT project manager.  He is in his early 40s and has shared his financial position below.  Get his planner’s analysis here and learn more about Calvin here.


Why have these posts?  I think these folks provide a great service to many of us.  The financial topic is a faux pas to discuss socially.  The  – “Hey John, how’s it going?  Oh and by the way, how much do you make, I need an excel file of your budget, and need to you net worth figures – thanks!” – conversation doesn’t work out well.

These posts provide insight into others’ finances and also can provide insight into your.  If you visit over there, please provide them some encouragement!

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