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Financial Nudity: Looking at Others’ Bare Budgets and Net Worth

Betsey from Consumerism Commentary’s series Naked With Cash is 27-year-old government analyst.  She is on the front end of her financial journey.  Betsey August commentary can be found here along with her CFP’s analysis…

BetseyAug2014nw BetseyApr2014ia

Why have these posts?  I think these folks provide a great service to many of us.  The financial topic is a faux pas to discuss socially.  The  – “Hey John, how’s it going?  Oh and by the way, how much do you make, I need an excel file of your budget, and need to you net worth figures – thanks!” – conversation doesn’t work out well.

These posts provide insight into others’ finances and also can provide insight into your.  If you visit over there, please provide them some encouragement!

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