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About Economic Nudity

I value statistics.  I also value logic.  Most importantly, I value where the two meet.  If I see some intriguing data, I ask myself, “Does it logically make sense?” If it can pass the test, then I can deem it applicable.  The same goes for intriguing logic; it must pass the statistics test.  My goal is to shed some light into these shadows.  There are times when I can prove to you the economic value of a single banana is $20, but I can’t logically and with any self dignity shove this concept down your throat.  So much of the analysis we see today are exercises of economic futility.  Unfortunately, much of this misinformation originates from public figures and is usually emotion-heavy and data-light.

Self provoking thought.  This is all I ask for.  Nothing more or nothing less.  Many times in life I have had the premonition I was correct when, in fact, the statistics flat out refuted my argument.  I was able to accept the new facts and statistics in the face of my beliefs and adjust my beliefs to intersect where statistics meet logic.  Unfortunately, it is our beliefs that are most obstructive to developing an informed opinion.  You are free-thinking and you have your own opinion; it just may be buried under layers and layers of indoctrination, promotion, and bovine scatology.

Take off the layers and start with the bare-naked facts.  Put your prohibitions aside and see where you stand when you have nothing but the nude facts, statistics, and logic.  Know now that you have been warned…  This site has economic nudity.