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The Econ Nudist

Who is the Econ Nudist?

The Econ Nudist only desires to present facts without political distortion. All things posted are factually supported and I hope you ask for more support if you believe a post to be in question.

My background is somewhat diverse. I hold an MBA with a finance concentration and am also a CPA. I have worked as a tax consultant in a variety of industries from manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and real estate. I worked in an entrepreneurial group for one the largest CPA firms in the country focusing on entrepreneurs’ business, personal returns, and family financial concerns (trusts, family partnerships, etc.). I have worked in private industry in an engineering and manufacturing setting and also with one of the largest healthcare providers in the country.

Economic Logic

That’s me but my personal passions reside in bridging logic with economic research and personal finance.  Realizing how emotional I was at an early age, I learned quickly that logic always won. An athlete and competitor, I quickly learned my emotions were often excuses for mental mistakes. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with emotion, I learned it is the inability to control one’s emotions that leads to mental mistakes. It takes courage and discipline to overcome these shortcomings; to be able to both feel the excitement of the moment and yet be able to file the emotion away and completely focus on the task at hand. It’s not easy.

Unfortunately, economics is often prefaced with emotional stories that blanket the data at hand. I remove the blanket. I give you the facts. You decide.